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Quicklag 1 Pole 80amp Circuit Breaker – Q180

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Q180 – Quicklag 1 Pole 80amp Circuit Breaker

– 6kA 80Amp

Quicklag Miniature Circuit Breakers are used in a variety of circuit protection applications that range from protection for submain circuits & light & power circuits through to various motor starting applications.

The Quicklag Non-Automatic 80A and 100A model which has no overcurrent protection, is available in single to four pole width configurations and can be used for circuit disconnection.


  • Breaking capacity 6kA at 415VAC/2,3,4 pole & 6kA at 240VAC/1 pole
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Non-Auto breakers available
  • Centre trip indication
  • Approvals & tests: Complies with AS3111 & AS2184, Lloyd’s approved

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